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19 September 2016
Business Drivers Guides | 
By Europcar | 

During a business trip, you may have an hour to kill between meetings, before hitting the road or hopping on a plane at Tegel. Take the opportunity to make the most of it and discover a few aspects […]

03 May 2016
Drivers guides | 
By Europcar | 

When planning to hire a car and drive in Germany with Europcar, there are a few rules which you should know before you hit the road. Right-Side Driving Germany’s roads are designed for vehicles to be driven on the […]

26 January 2016
Germany | 
By Europcar | 

We all know Germany for its succulent sausage, massive beers and mid-Autumn festivals. But you might also search for a non-clichéd Germany. Where the lines dividing past from present and fairytale from reality are not so clear… In […]