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Moments of escape thanks to Europcar

Our names are Camille and Mathieu. We’re both 28, and we live together and work in Paris. As much as we can, we take advantage of our free time to go and discover important places in France’s various regions. And now that we know about Europcar, we go abroad a lot more often. We tried several services and companies before finding and using Europcar. We’ve gotten into the habit of enjoying our weekends and our little romantic getaways thanks to their rental services. The company provides its customers with a wide range of cars of all types and suggests options that correspond to every need and request.

A romantic weekend in the Loire Valley

Our first experience took place during a romantic weekend. We decided to go and check out the castles of the Loire Valley. We chose the vehicle we liked the most, and then we booked it online. We already had a preference for a car brand, and we quickly found it at Europcar. Despite that, we had plenty to choose from among the wide variety of models that were offered. We ended up choosing and booking the car for our romantic weekend. We picked up our car at the office near where we live in Paris, and then we took off to see the historic old buildings of the Loire Valley. The journey lasted almost 2 hours. The trip went very well, and the vehicle was really comfortable. Since this first experience was enjoyable, we’ve gotten into the habit of renting cars from Europcar.

Roadtrip to Italy

Another time, we planned a roadtrip to Italy. For this type of trip, the most important thing is the car’s condition. We decided to go with a new car rental by taking the roadtrip package at Europcar, for 2 weeks of travel in southern Italy. We made the reservation on the website, like we usually do. We went to the Europcar rental location when we arrived in Rome, to pick up our car and begin our Rome to Pouilles journey. We didn’t have any concerns on the road. Our roadtrip went wonderfully. We’ve even decided to schedule another one for our next holiday in London. We saw on the website that Europcar has several locations there. We still haven’t decided how we’ll get there, but we already know that Europcar has a rental location at Heathrow Airport and in all the main train stations in London. Booking is always done online, and as soon as we get there, all we have to do is pick up the vehicle that we chose.

A family visit

For the holidays, we went to Mathieu’s parents home in Toulouse. He had planned to introduce me to his childhood friends who were also spending the weekend there. Those friends who still live in Toulouse invited us to lunch and dinner at their houses. So we wouldn’t inconvenience his parents, and especially so we could have more freedom, we booked a car from Europcar, which came in handy for all of our trips during the stay.



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