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Take your pets along with Europcar

At a time of ultra-mobility, travelling and moving house are more and more common and easier to do. However, that isn’t always the case for those who own a pet.

Whether it be by plane, train or coach, there are restrictive rules imposed, which can turn your trip into a real headache. If you are going abroad, remember to update your pet’s vaccinations, for example. And don’t forget to bring your pet’s identification documents.

And if you opt for a car, you can travel in total freedom and bring your pets along by renting your vehicle with Europcar!


Also, to make the trip enjoyable for everyone, it is important to follow some safety rules.

It is vital that your pet doesn’t bother you during the ride: it could have a sudden reaction while you’re driving and put you in danger. If you’re travelling with a dog, attach its harness to one of the seatbelts in the back seat, or put him comfortably in the trunk if the size of the trunk and your pet allow it.

If you’re travelling with a cat (or a small dog), you can opt for a travel carrier where it can stay comfortably, completely safe for all passengers. In any case, consider choosing a vehicle from the large Euromaster fleet that’s roomy enough to accommodate the whole family and your pets.


Take regular breaks throughout your journey. They are necessary for the driver as well as for animals. Don’t hesitate to stop more frequently than you think is necessary, because animals can also get motion sickness.

Stress, anxiety and discomfort can cause vomiting and/or nausea, and sometimes it’s useful to make sure you have pills to keep our four-legged friends from getting motion sickness.

And although we allow animals in our vehicles, they must be returned nearly as clean as they were when picked up. Otherwise, additional billing charges may be applied.



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