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With Europcar’s Selection, drive away in the model you booked

Because renting a car is sometime the best way to drive a specific model, Europcar launches a new service where you can now experience a new way of renting premium vehicles and experiencing the drive in the very vehicle you picked.

The model you book is the model you drive

By choosing among the Europcar’s Selection – among fun or luxury dedicated fleet – you can be assured that you will receive the exact model you picked. No bad surprise upon check in at the desk!

Selection Luxury fleet

Choosing among Selection’s Luxury fleet lets you pick from the following Premium brands: Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, Jaguar, Tesla and Range Rover.

And all Selection Luxury vehicles come with the following equipment as standards:

  • GPS,
  • Leather or Alcantara seats,
  • Automatic Gearbox.

Selection Fun fleet

Selection Fun vehicles have been chosen for the pleasure and fun you will experience while driving: from supped-up city cars like the Fiat Abarth and Mini Cooper to the BMW X3, not forgetting the convertibles as the Audi A3… The combination of a specific design and/or a powerful engine will make your drive fun for sure!

Dedicated Call Service

You can count on Europcar’s center of expertise through a dedicated phone number that has been set up in all eligible countries:

  • France: 0 825 800 226
  • Germany: (+49) 40 52 60 58 50
  • United Kingdom: 8713841153
  • Belgium: (+32) 2 348 92 16
  • Italy: (+39) 199 40 49 49
  • Spain: (+ 34) 902 10 50 30
  • Portugal: (+ 351) 219426265

These call centers and station staff will not only manage your reservation but also guide you during your entire journey, from picking up your perfect car to returning the car smoothly to the branch.

Dedicated service at the station

Before leaving with your car, you will benefit from enhanced service at the station:

  • Fast check-out to speed-up and save time at the counter.
  • Special handover: You will be walked to your car by Europcar’s staff
  • Specific signage for parking spaces



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