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New Zealand Spring Festival 2013

Nature at it’s very best – New Zealand’s Annual Spring Festival

29 September-6 October

Here comes the sun, and it’s about time – winter has been dragging on for far too long! In anticipation of the upcoming warm months, New Zealand’s capital city is hosting their annual Spring Festival. Primarily centred in and around the Wellington Botanic Gardens, but also in other locations throughout the city, the Festival pays homage to the beauty and growth of nature throughout the spring season. Relaxing and laidback activities and outings make up this year’s events calendar, wherein friends and families are encouraged to come together and spend some quality time in each other’s company.

If you’re one of the many who have been eagerly looking forward to the end of the cold snap, Wellington’s Spring Festival is the best way to emerge from beneath your woolly blankets and embrace the warm sunshine. Next up: bring on the summer!

New Zealand Spring Festival
In full bloom at this year’s Spring Festival – image courtesy of comunicati/flickr.com


Nature’s Best

  • Thinking of starting your own garden? Then check out the Grow-Your-Own Workshops at the Botanic Garden Treehouse, where you can learn all about the best plants to cultivate in Wellington’s climate. In between sessions, you’ll also be provided with delicious servings of hot soup!


  • If tulips are one of your favourite flowers, you’ll love Tulip Sunday at the Soundshell, where you can admire the plethora of jewel-coloured tulips while munching on a sweet or savoury snack from one of the nearby stalls.


  • If you’re looking to stock up on some lovely new plants, be sure to pop over to Wilton Road to have a gander at the Otari-Wilson Bush Open Day and Plant Sale. Make a day of it by bringing a picnic basket and blanket and participating in some of the guided walks, or the photography workshop.


Good Old Wellywood

  • Get your arts and culture fix by spending the day at Wellington’s Parliament building, more popularly known as the Beehive. Guests are invited to join in the exclusive guided tour of Parliament’s artworks and paintings, before heading off to a classy high tea at Bellamy’s restaurant.


  • Find out more about the history and heritage of Wellington with the Spring In The Suburbs walk, which takes you through Thorndon and Kelburn past some of the city’s oldest and/or most prestigious buildings, such as poet Katherine Mansfield’s birthplace


For The Kiddies

  • Parents and children alike will love participating in the Big Annual Buggy Walk. Mums and dads will enjoy the beautiful scenic walk and the free Caffe L’Affare coffee, and kids will adore the goodie bags and spot prizes – as well as being carted around by their parents, of course!


  • The best way to learn new things is to start when you’re young, so the Junior Apprentice Gardener event is the perfect opportunity for the little ones to try their hand at nurturing their very first plant, with friendly guidance from the Botanic Garden gardeners.


  • Magic tricks, loud laughter and fun times are to be had with Zappo the magician! Parents and children can join Zappo aboard the famous and beloved Wellington Cable Car for a wonderfully enjoyable afternoon.


Celebrate the outdoors by indulging in the warm spring sunshine and participating in the many enjoyable outings at this year’s Wellington Spring Festival. Whichever events you choose to attend, you can be sure that the beauty of the new season will lift your spirits and put a huge smile on your face. To get you from A to B this spring, let us help you on your way at one of Europcar’s many car rental branches. Book today and save!



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