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2013 New Zealand International Film Festival

New Zealand’s International Film Festival is Bigger and Better in 2013!

Where you’re a fair-weather film-goer or a seasoned movie buff, there’s something for everyone at the 2013 New Zealand International Film Festival, or NZIFF. While the Auckland Film Festival was first launched in the 1960s, it was only very recently in 2009 that several film festivals across different cities were pooled together to launch what is now the nationwide New Zealand International Film Festival. Now established in four major cities across the North and South Islands, as well as in a variety of smaller locations, the annual NZIFF continues to grow in size and popularity with each passing year.

This year, over a hundred different films will be screened, from horror movies to delight the thrill-seekers, to romantic comedies for the starry-eyed to swoon over, to intensive dramas for the more contemplative viewers.

New Zealand's 2013 International Film Festival
Lighting up the screen in this year’s NZ International Film Festival – Image Courtesy of russellstreet/flickr.com


Choice Aplenty: Let’s Break it Down

This year, viewers are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to options; many people will be struggling to mark out their favourites and must-sees. The festival is presenting a varied assortment of old classics and fresh productions from all over the world, including France, Canada, Ireland and Japan, the US, and of course – our very own New Zealand!

Several highly-anticipated features include Joss Whedon’s modern adaption of Shakespeare’s celebrated play, Much Ado About Nothing; Steven Soderbergh’s Behind The Candelabra, which features a glittering, kitschy Michael Douglas playing Liberace; and a fabulously launched production by the Royal Ballet of New Zealand, directed by Toa Fraser and entitled Gisele.

Hitchcock fans will be pleased to note that two of the director’s more overshadowed, but nevertheless incredibly intriguing, thrillers are on the program: Dial M For Murder and North by Northwest. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, be sure not to miss the live cinema performance by rock legends Goblin, as they pay tribute to Italian director Daria Argento’s stunning and disturbing 70s horror film Suspiria. Don’t forget that animated features aren’t just for kids, either – the watercolour-illustrated French film Ernest and Célestine portrays the unlikely but charming friendship between a plucky young mouse and a surly bohemian bear.

Not only are the films intriguing and engaging, but the settings for three of the four major festivals are marvels in and of themselves. The screenings take place in a variety of architecturally stunning theatres: the famously refurbished Civic Theatre in Auckland, Wellington’s effortlessly elegant Embassy Theatre (home to the premieres of the Lord of the Rings films), and the opulent twenties-themed Regent Theatre in Dunedin. The beauty of these long-standing theatres ensures that your film-watching experience proceeds with both comfort and style.


Something for Everyone

The 2013 New Zealand International Film Festival promises to be a delightful treat for film-goers everywhere, no matter what kind of genre you’re into. There are horror films, psychological thrillers, light-hearted comedies and historical dramas galore, so feel free to drag along friends, family, colleagues and even random innocent bystanders, safe in the knowledge that there’s something for everyone in the hundred-plus films being screened at NZIFF this year.

Of course, Europcar has plenty of convenient car rental branches located throughout the festival zone, so if you’re on holiday and fancy a film; let us help you get around!


Check out the official NZIFF website to grab a copy of the festival program in your city, and if you’re lacking in inspiration, be sure to take a peek at the staff picks – there’s plenty of fantastic choices there for you to mull over!




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