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2013 New Zealand Winter Games

New Zealand’s 2013 winter games plays home to the best athletes from across the globe

Even if you’re more of a lounging-by-the-beach type than an eager snow bunny, you have to admit: there are few summer sports that are as aesthetically beautiful and visually stunning as winter sports.

Snow action at New Zealand Winter Games
A preview of what’s to come at NZ’s Winter Games this year! Image courtesy of 62787982@N08/flickr.com


Watching seasoned pros racing down icy white trails, skilfully manoeuvring obstacles in their path as snow billows out gracefully behind them is, quite simply, a breathtaking sight. And where else can you get a better view, than at the 2013 New Zealand Winter Games? The year marks New Zealand’s third hosting of this spectacular sporting event, where incredible athletes from all over the world flood into the South Island to compete in a variety of challenging winter sports; including snowboarding, curling and cross-country skiing.

Each sporting event promises to be an utterly thrilling spectator experience, and with the added incentive of all the sports being absolutely FREE to watch, there’s nothing whatsoever stopping you from jumping into a car and zipping down to Otago to cheer on the competitors. Fly-by-nighters and out-of-towners can take advantage of Europcar’s proximity to these locales should you need a car or simply are keen to change-up your transport for something different!

Don’t forget to hit up the off-snow Downtown Sessions festival as well, to liven things up in your downtime away from the snow. The festival is an important part of every Winter Games, and features incredible live music, film screenings and other daily entertainment.

Be sure to check out each of the following locations to catch all the highlights of the 2013 Games:



This beautiful and expansive ski and snowboard resort has always been a popular destination for both local and international snow enthusiasts. Cardrona features a wide range of versatile slopes and trails to cater to all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate to expert skiers. At the 2013 Games, Cardrona will be hosting a range of exciting qualifying and final World Cup games, from the Freestyle Ski Halfpipe to the Snowboard Slopestyle.



Just a handy twenty-five minute drive away from picturesque Queenstown, Coronet Peak is a simply unmissable skiing and snowboarding destination. The breathtaking views of majestic icy mountain peaks provide a stunning backdrop for the mens and womens sporting events being held in this location, which include Alpine Giant Slalom and the Alpine Adaptive Slalom.



As New Zealand’s premier cross-country ski field, Snow Farm is the perfect arena in which to host the thrilling X-Country Skiing Sprint Freestyle Cup. With well-groomed slopes sprawling as far as the eye can see, Snow Farm offers a diverse terrain in which skiing newbies can try their hand at several gentle trails, while the dare devils hit up the tricky wilderness loops.



If you’re a fan of watching snow sports but don’t actually want to be exposed to the elements while doing so, the Maniototo Curling International Rink is the perfect compromise. Head on down to Naseby to marvel at the skill and agility of world-famous curlers, as these incredible athletes deftly demonstrate their fancy footwork on ice.



If you find yourself feeling a tad tired after oohing and ahhing over all the athletic talent, look no further than the twin charms of Queenstown and Wanaka to boost your spirits and bring a sparkle back to your step. During the 2013 Games these picturesque towns are turning out a splendid show, with the Opening Ceremony commencing in Queenstown while the Closing Ceremony is presented in Wanaka. An assortment of fun and engaging activities are being staged for spectators to enjoy in their downtime, including the interactive Lotto Villages, thrilling Cyclocross races, and the much-anticipated Phoenix Foundation concert.


This year, you can experience all the thrills of breathtaking winter sports without breaking a sweat yourself at the 2013 New Zealand Winter Games! Head on down to Otago in New Zealand’s stunningly scenic South Island to catch the incredibly display of talent from athletes from all over the world, as they compete in a variety of exciting sports such as snowboarding, alpine skiing and curling. Don’t forget to pack your party clothes, as well as your warm jackets, to celebrate the winners in festive Queenstown and Wanaka.

Thinking of checking out the action? Pack your woollies and check out Europcar’s range of rental cars to get you to the slopes for the games this winter.



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